Living Life with Intention Checklist - FREE DOWNLOAD

The Live with Intention Checklist (LWIC) highlights 12 areas of your life where you can begin to think more intentionally about. You are encouraged to read each item and rate yourself using the rubric provided. After completing the checklist, be sure to celebrate the areas you feel good about. You’ve earned it. Then, turn your attention to the behaviors that could use some work: these are your areas for opportunity and new, exciting possibilities! So let’s get intentional and put in the work; every day you’ll be one step closer. And, perhaps most importantly throughout this process, never forget that you are worth it.

Use this checklist to help you get intentional about:
  • How you use your time each day
  • Defining what brings you joy
  • How you take care of your body
  • The things you do to increase your joy
  • Your current level of self-awareness
  • How you handle your emotions
  • What you do to nurture your well-being
  • Finding peace at home
  • Whom you spend your time with
  • Your current mindset
  • How aligned your life feels right now
  • The plans you have for your life
Don't forget to grab a copy of the She Knows What She's Doing Workbook right here to help you reflect, grow and make meaningful changes!  There is a chapter in the book for EACH item found on the LWIC.  
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She Knows What She's Doing | The Coloring Book Experience
SKU: 9780578957319

Sometimes we have to get back to the basics, intentionally. Grab your crayons, markers, and colored pencils as you prepare for some creative me time. Each page of this exclusively designed coloring book pictures women living with intention. You are encouraged to fully immerse yourself in a coloring book experience that will help you think about intentional actions. 

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She Knows What She's Doing | The Workbook
SKU: 9780578976280

Every day, we add color, texture, and meaning to our tapestry of life.  Living life with intention means knowing yourself well enough to act daily in ways that are aligned with your passions, morals, values, and beliefs. When you live life with intention, you know that you matter; you know that you are worthy and that you are enough.

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