Nefertiti B. Poyner

Native to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and currently based in Eastern North Carolina with her husband, children, and family pets, Nefertiti discovered early on that true life manifestations stemmed from deeply connecting with the inner soul. Part of this stemmed from being raised by a single mother who taught her to 'know her why,' and the other from her instilled goals of faith, family, freedom, flexibility, and fun. With this as her base, Nefertiti began her career as a pre-school and kindergarten teacher, an experience that showed her just how important healthy adults are to shape, mold, and role model for children. Fast forward to today, Nefertiti has since taken his dynamic teaching history in conjunction with her rooted love for connecting with others (even though she is a textbook introvert) to become a respected author and orator – one who is passionate about encouraging women to use their faith as a source of energy and fortitude and one who has a genuine love for delivering growth-driven storylines that intrinsically captivate beyond the words themselves.

As a lifelong woman of faith and learner of human behavior, nothing makes Nefertiti happier than supporting women in reforming a quality life filled with ignited purpose, passion, and fulfillment. Intertwining fun-loving energy with tangible/practical guidance, she has a genuine love for surfacing the powers of the mind and being a resource that promotes inner strength, resilience, and wisdom that enables people to conquer any obstacle in the 3D world. In the end, everyone already has the divine flame within them to break past mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks to discover their ‘why,' and sometimes all it takes is a new perspective to recognize that.

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